EVENT DATE: December 14, 2019  10am – 4pm

COORDINATOR: Paula DeSantis, Contact:

FACEBOOK PAGE: Please become a member of our vendor Facebook Group, Lee’s Summit West Holiday Mart Vendors

FACEBOOK EVENT:  Invite your friends, share the event on your timeline and ask your friends to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Please be sure to post about your booth in the event!

REGISTRATION: Priority is given to returning vendors and then will be available on a first come, first serve basis. We will not duplicate direct sales vendors (i.e.: Mary Kay, Thirty-One Gifts, Pampered Chef, etc) so please check the vendor list before registering.  We reserve the right to limit the number of similar vendors.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Booth reservations cancelled prior to October 1st will receive a full refund minus processing fees. Reservations cancelled prior to November 1st will be subject to a $10 cancellation fee plus processing fees. No refunds will be given for cancellations after November 1st.


COMMONS – 8X10, 8X14, 10X14

GYM FLOOR – 10X10, 10X14, 10X16

MEZZANINE – 6X12, 6X16

DONATION ITEM: Vendors are expected to provide a donated item with a minimum value of $20 for our grab bags.

ELECTRICITY: Electricity is available for select booths. If you reserve a booth with electricity, be sure to bring your own extension cord(s) and duct tape to tape it down to the floor.

TABLES & CHAIRS: Two chairs will be provided for each booth at no charge. Tables are available to rent for $10 each. You will find this under ‘Extras’ when you complete your booth reservation and payment. If you rent a table, it will be in your booth space when you arrive.

WIFI: WIFI will be available.

SELLING FOOD: If you are sampling or preparing food in your booth and do not already have a permit for Jackson County, please go to the website to determine if you need one. The inspector has shown up in year’s past and failure to have a permit may result in a fine.

SETUP: Booth/display setup will be available on Friday night from 5:30-7:30 pm; however, NO MERCHANDISE will be allowed in the building overnight. Check-in/setup time on Saturday begins at 7:30 am. Shopping starts at 10am.

ENTRANCE & ELEVATOR: Entrances are available on both levels. The Commons & Mezzanine are on the upper level and the Gym Floor is on the lower level. We have an elevator available for shoppers who need it to get between the Commons/Mezzanine & Gym Floor levels. There is also a stairwell from the Commons to the Gym Floor level as well as steps down the bleachers to get between the Mezzanine & Gym Floor. Please see the map for entrance locations:


BOOTH ASSIGNMENT: Maps and booth assignments will be posted on the website, but will be subject to change if there are cancellations, etc.




VENDOR CATEGORY: Once uploaded to the website, please review the vendor category list that will be handed out to the shoppers. Email if you would like your category changed.

UNLOADING & PARKING: Please review the map:  Do not park your cars in the unloading section. Unload your vehicle and then park your car before bringing your merchandise inside. If you want to park and unload in the first row of the parking section, that is fine. Students will be there to help you. If you have a dolly, please bring it as we will have a limited amount. Once you have unloaded, park in the VENDOR PARKING section to allow for close parking for shoppers.

TEMPERATURE: If you have a booth near the entrance in the Commons, you will want to dress accordingly and may want to bring a blanket.